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September Update


rPET Flakes and the Circular Economy: Sustainability Through Recycling

The Importance of Sustainability in the Recycling Industry

A major part of the global effort to reduce our ecological footprint lies in the concept of sustainability, or sustaining the earth’s resources so that we can continue to benefit from them indefinitely. Since our planet has finite amounts of certain natural resources such as wood and petroleum, maximizing recycling and reducing waste are important parts of ensuring that we don’t use up our resources faster than they can be replenished. RPET flakes are an excellent way to keep plastic out of landfills, minimize your carbon footprint, and help support sustainable manufacturing practices, all while producing high-quality products. Our purpose at Lyrba USA is to create a sustainable future. We also hope to contribute to the larger picture of reducing waste to provide the next generation with a better future.

What are rPET flakes? rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, and it’s essentially shredded plastic bottles that have been melted down and reformed into plastic flakes. This process allows the re-formulated flakes to be reused in the creation of new products, ultimately making the entire recycling process a full loop. This process reduces the need to create new plastic from scratch and also significantly decreases energy use, which benefits the environment and makes you an advocate of sustainable practices. How we are using rPET Flakes to create new materials Lyrba USA is focussed on the circular economy. Our vision is a 7 step process; encourage recycling, save the ocean through programs like OBP, reduce litter leakage, practice reusing, reduce production process waste, design new products that require less materials and increase infrastructure to increase recycling.

Lyrba USA is Ocean Bounds Plastic Certified Here at Lyrba USA, we are Ocean Bounds Plastic Certified. Our Plastiwood Pallets are made with approved rPET plastic, a recyclable material made up of recycled PET plastics. Ocean Bounds have evaluated our products and determined that they meet international standards for rPET products. You can rest assured for the best quality as their team of experts evaluate the product to ensure it meets all criteria before stamping our validation seal. Creating a Sustainable Future We operate from our tree of values whereby the most important considerations within our business are; family, sustainability, honesty, loyalty, respect and harmony. We are not only interested in providing a better future for the environment but also for every team member we have and ever business we can help.

Recycling plastic can help reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The manufacturing process creates less CO2 than any other plastic. It is durable, scratch resistant, UV stable and dishwasher safe. In addition, rPET materials are recyclable. In a nutshell, when you recycle fPET you are both helping our environment now and into the future. We are motivated and proud to contribute towards the sustainability mission through our operational goals.

Consuming Less for a Better Future We’ve all heard the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle before, but what does it mean? In many cases, reducing our waste production (by buying less and purchasing items that are built to last) can be the most beneficial to sustainability efforts and waste reduction. While we do our best to recycle the materials that have become waste – something everyone can individually practice is reusing.

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