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February Update


Good news, our brand new PET Sheet production line arrives this month! With this in mind, we here at Lyrba USA thought this would be a great time to talk about the role of rPET sheets in plastic recycling, what they do and ultimately why you should even care. So, let’s get our PET sheet on and start by talking about where it all comes from…

It all starts with discarded plastic materials.These materials are then collected and turned into what we call rPET flakes. We actually have a production branch in Mexico that takes care of this important first step (by the way, our rPET flakes are Ocean Bound Plastics certified!). Flakes are then put through a production line and turned into rPET Sheets. Now, you may be wondering: Why does this matter? Well, that's the exciting part. With our brand new PET Sheet production line, we will be able to turn flakes into sheets right here in Texas, which gives us complete control over the quality of the materials and gives us the opportunity to offer it at a competitive price. Everyone wins. These sheets can be used by thermoformers to make recycled packaging such as:

  • Food Trays

  • Plastic Cups

  • Bottles

  • And even Packaging for Automobile Parts!

The packaging is then used by consumers, discarded, and recycled by us. It’s a loop of sustainability!

Now, while I could talk about PET sheets all day, I think it's time that we address the elephant in the room… Valentine’s Day. This is a special time of the year in which we get to celebrate our relationships, and in the spirit of the holiday, we here at Lyrba USA want to talk about another kind of relationship that is very important to us: The relationship between humankind and life on Earth.

From a macro-perspective, if the Earth had a life of 24 hours from the moment of its formation to the present day, you’d be surprised to find out that humans have only been around for 2 minutes. 2 minutes! Life took 16 out of those 24 hours to develop, and in only 2 minutes we are inching towards endangering the future of most life forms?! That’s insane. This threat comes from the pressure we place on the environment by improperly managing our waste and requiring too many new materials. Lyrba USA, along with other recycling companies, has started taking steps towards easing this constant pressure. Through recycling plastic, we need less raw materials and we have less carbon emissions, allowing humankind to better manage their relationship with life on Earth.

All in all, through the usage of our new rPET sheet production line, we can take a step towards easing environmental pressure and ultimately creating a more sustainable tomorrow. That’s a Valentine’s Day gift the Earth won’t forget!

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