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April Update

4/4/2022 It is now April, and you know what that means… That’s right, Earth Day! April 22nd marks the day that we all raise awareness of the environmental issues plaguing our planet. So, in commemoration of this special day, we here at Lyrba USA thought it would be a great time to highlight this year’s Earth Day theme, Invest in our Planet, as well as talk further about Lyrba’s place in this whole initiative. So, without further ado, let’s get this Earth Day party started!

This year’s theme is very important to us here at Lyrba USA, as we believe it encapsulates the spirit of the road to sustainability perfectly. Whether investing time, or money, we as a whole, businesses, governments, as well as individuals, need to band together to accomplish this common goal. So, let’s talk a bit more about this change towards sustainability and the impacts for everyone involved.

  • First and foremost, let’s discuss how sustainability can affect businesses. Since the Industrial Revolution, businesses have pondered on the age old question “Should I safekeep my long-term profits, or should I go green?” Thankfully this isn’t the case anymore. More and more companies are now realizing that, according to several studies done by Harvard Business Review, sustainable business practices have been correlated to higher profits, better business performance and overall happier employees. The burden of choice has been lifted.

  • Now, while sustainability in business is pivotal in creating a healthy Earth, we hold the key to transform the economy for the better. Let’s not kid around, the fossil-fuel industry is huge, but often enough, people don’t consider that clean energy jobs are not only providing earnings above 25% the national median wage, but also employing more Americans than elementary/middle-school teachers. There is a lot of potential within the renewable energy and sustainability industry!

  • Finally, we get to the individual, the one that holds quite the effective power. By using our voice and taking action in our communities, we can have a massive ripple effect that changes the culture. Help pick up trash, recycle, get informed and spread awareness of the benefits of going green.

So, where does Lyrba fit in within all of this? We give trash a place to go, and we aid in repurposing trash into rPET flakes that can be transformed into rPET sheets. These are used to make: rigid packaging applications from the automotive to the food industry. food trays, water bottles, automobile trays, and much more. We are encouraging a Circular Economy. This is pivotal in a green economy, as it dramatically cuts down on the need for new raw materials and eliminates trash and pollution affecting oceanic wildlife. It’s a win-win!

Now, while words may sound good and well, we here at Lyrba believe results speak for themselves. So, why not show you what we were up to last year?

In 2021, Lyrba’s recycling processes saved a total of:

  • 44,377 kgs of carbon emissions.

  • 731,924 units of trees

  • 1,748,600,805 liters of water

  • 437,436,541 kilowatts

  • 265,956 meters cubed of landfill

  • 2,575,337 liters of gasoline

Those are exciting figures, but remember, this is a collective effort, and to truly change the Earth, we need to strive to work together. Incentives are there for everyone, including business leaders, policy makers and even individuals, to strive towards sustainable solutions. It is just a matter of awareness for the cause. Just imagine the numbers that would come out of everyone working together to save our planet. Team effort is monumental in our journey to sustainability, so, spread the word!

This Earth Day, spread awareness. But remember, while having Earth Day to remind us to pick up our slack is nice, every day should be Earth Day. Earth is our home, and we should take care of it each and every day to ensure that it can prosper for generations to come. We shouldn’t wait for a select day out of the year to be, and encourage others to be environmentally conscious. That is what Earth Day is all about. So, whether it be encouraging policy makers to go green, or simply recycling at home, make this Earth Day a reminder to make every day a day for Mother Earth. She wouldn’t want it any other way.

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