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We produce and trade recycled materials

We are a motivated team of experts with over 10 years of experience with creating solutions on the recycling industry.


Offering a range of circular economy solutions

With over 10 years of experience trading recycled materials, we are your one stop-shop. We produce the materials and bring it to your front door.

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We encourage recycling through our media channels. We use our digital presence to spread information and awareness about the benefits of recycling and a circular economy.


We produce, sell and trade recycled materials. As Lyrba USA grows we are able to expand our infrastructure and our capacity to recycle. 


We prioritize working with special programs like Green Circle and Ocean Bounds Plastic to ensure that the plastic we recycle has the maximum effect. This also ensures transparency when working with our clients.

Our purpose


Our core purpose is to create a circular economy. In this vision, we are a crucial component of the producer/consumption cycle. However, instead of recyclable waste ending up in the oceans or landfills harming our environment. We give it another life. Allowing producers to make it into something useful once more. 


International reach

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Our Stats

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Our Clients

We work with the best


Committed team

We are committed to each other, our clients and our community. This commitment is at the core of Lyrba USA. Motivating us to go above and beyond in the type of service and products we produce.


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